Content And Email Marketing Are Essential For Jacksonville Businesses

In an environment of fierce competition like in cyberspace, content marketing has established itself as an effective tool for customer acquisition and retention. The creation of content, either in the form of articles, graphics or videos, you should always think about your target audience. Always create value for the user, because this attracts potential customer.

There are many people who continue to think that email marketing is not helpful, obsolete and outdated strategy, and believes that simply having a presence in social networks is all solved. However, email and content creation are still the best online marketing tactic, with the best conversion rates to sales compared to other tools, generating great profits and where the ROI is very high.

On the other hand, when it comes to advertising campaigns for companies, there are different options, a company can choose whether it be traditional or they can choose content marketing. Studies show that this costs 50% less than traditional, as well as being more effective and more powerful. Now, what is content marketing and what benefits it gives to your company?

Content marketing is a technique that is based on creating and distributing relevant content and quality to attract and retain customers. It also seeks to communicate with them without offering any product or service. Its primary purpose is to continuously provide interesting and valuable information to a target group looking for loyalty and interest in a brand. This can be set as video, articles, blogs or infographics.

Next is email marketing as one of the best strategies to boost your presence. Like all other online marketing strategies, email marketing should be part of a global marketing strategy that will help us achieve our goals.

Before you begin to think about email marketing strategy, remember that you must have a well-structured website with good SEO applied that convert traffic and this is converted into leads. If you are not very clear about this step, you can contact an SEO company in Jacksonville, and they can assist you in SEO implementation. The need of SEO experts is essential to make your website be known in search engines. There are a lot of SEO companies that you can contact around Jacksonville but choose the best one to meet targeted results.

Now let us focus more on email marketing. The key to email marketing is targeting. In some way or another, the campaigns must go customized. To perform this segmentation process, you must have the data that is requested in the subscription form defined. That is to say, if you want to segment by location, you must add a location field in the form, so that if you want to destine a campaign only to the leads located in Jacksonville, you can make a segmentation to the Jacksonville and the form gives you this information.

Moreover, there are many tools in the market with which you can create and automate email marketing campaigns, from the most basic ones like MailChimp or Aweber to much more sophisticated tools like Hubspot or Marketo.

At this point, is when content Marketing takes importance in the strategy of email marketing. First of all, make it clear that email marketing is not sending a bulk email containing offers for your entire database. Understand that email marketing as sending multiple email campaigns that are sent over a period between 2 and six weeks and of which majority of emails are focused on providing value and generating trust. Only a minimum percentage of the emails will be focused on offering a product or service directly.

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