Differences Between Traditional And Digital Marketing

Surely in your company, they started its actions based on demand generation tactics of traditional marketing, but today it is necessary to adapt the strategies that will give us better results at a low cost, therefore it is advisable to understand the differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing.

Using strategies of online marketing can challenge the traditional marketing and even the methods used in radio and television. In this strategy, consumers go to information and not the medium that seeks the target customers. So-called “cybernauts” consumers initiate the link to establish communication.

Digital Marketing or Online Marketing also has the advantage of having a permanent and visible presence to whoever wants to see it, not being invasive, except for some cases of misuse. This allows a degree of segmentation unique in its kind because you can design custom advertising as if it will be a suit that can only be used by a certain person. This possibility of segmentation also benefits the measurement of actual results, since the public can interact, express opinions and respond to ads, generating more possibilities for improvement. The use of social networks has reached another level of effectivity as it can provide real-time search space.

Unlike traditional marketing, online  marketing helps us expand into new markets both domestically and
internationally, managing to reach simultaneously the same information worldwide, allowing to have a greater number of potential customers and the loyalty of existing customers. In traditional marketing, such as the use of billboards and print ads, space is expensive and very limited. The market is more local, the number of potential customers to reach given space and time is more limited.

Unlike traditional marketing, in Online Marketing we can have immediacy in the responses of our public, which allows a tangible and immediate evaluation of the operation of the strategies used in our marketing plan. On the other hand, in traditional Marketing, interactivity is scarce. A company has to host a conference, sponsor an event or other specific campaigns if it wishes to interact with the potential customer but its cost is very high.

Unlike traditional Marketing, the key to Online Marketing is based on providing information. Consumers are looking for answers to specific questions. In traditional marketing, on the other hand, the answers are based on appeals to the emotions and feelings of the consumers. That is why commercial ads are very catchy and entertaining. The use of short and attractive phrases, last minute offers, among others is also very common.

Both marketing strategies have their own specialized target consumers. If your company has enough budget for marketing, it is best to employ both marketing strategies.

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