Advantages of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Many businesses always wonder which is better between digital and traditional marketing. The answer is that it depends on the goals of the company. Currently, there are some businesses that do not want to be present on the internet through a website or social networks and through paid advertisements aimed at their target audience. That is why this article will inform you about the main advantages of digital marketing versus traditional marketing.

Digital marketing is not a simple adaptation of conventional marketing to the website. Although both have the same purpose, each has its own rules and paradigms.

The following are some of the main advantages of digital marketing versus traditional, to help these companies hesitant to take a step forward on this issue and help them succeed on the Internet.

It is more economical than the traditional

Faced with the high costs of advertising media such as TV, radio, press, etc. Prices on the internet are more accessible. This represents a good opportunity, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

It is quantifiable

The Internet gives a large number of tools that help us measure accurately and in near real time the ROI of our marketing campaigns. One of the most used to extract data from web traffic programs is Google Analytics. Other good free measurement tools are Social Mention, Who is Talking, How Sociable, SocialBro, among others.

It is immediate and interactive

We can know almost instantly whether a strategy is working or not, thanks to the responses of an audience that interacts and even provides new information about certain products and services. The reverse of traditional marketing, the new online consumer searches and reaches the product is reportedly qualified and promotes, taking valuable information for future campaigns.

It is Flexible

Digital marketing is based on trial and error method. The campaigns of marketing online can be executed in a short time. And depending on whether they are working or not, they can be modifiable in record time. This is almost impossible in traditional marketing.

High capacity segmentation

The digital marketing can target specific and homogeneous audiences, achieving more effective and adapted communication. Some of the most used tools segmentation areĀ  Google maps (geographical segmentation), Google Adwords (keywords, countries, languages, schedules, etc.), social networks, certain web locations, etc.

It is unlimited

Unlike conventional marketing, digital marketing allows you to publish as much as you want about a product or service. The message can also be rapidly diversified by several channels at a time and seen by an unimaginable number of users.

It is permanent

In traditional marketing, companies have to pay for space. In the Internet, information remains in the cloud indefinitely and ads are always displayed.

You only pay per click or when the user shows interest

Your ads will always show to your target audience, but you will only pay when they click on them. This is a very important advantage over traditional marketing. You will generate a greater branding and you will be made known on the internet, charging you only by the clicks, not by the impressions of the announcement.

The return on investment is much higher

This is the most important point of all, ROI in digital marketing is very high in comparison with traditional marketing. For every dollar invested, digital marketing ensures that you at least recover the investment. Studies have shown that the return on investment can be up to 5 times higher than that of traditional marketing.