The Use Of Digital Marketing Among Small To Medium Enterprises

Unless you have a rich father who can easily give you a small loan of few million dollars, budget constraints are one of the usual issues of new entrepreneurs. Naturally, small businesses do not have the budgets or the usual professional team in large companies, therefore, are usually few steps behind as far as marketing is concerned. The traditional form of marketing is very expensive and sometimes not cost effective.

Luckily, the advent of the age of internet helped level the playing field. Nowadays there are a lot of online platforms that individuals or businesses can use to reach out to millions of people at almost not cost at all, except for time and manpower. With such tools, even a small to medium enterprise can compete with larger companies. A good proof that Digital Marketing is now totally mainstream is that virtually all local small businesses use it, either through social networks, the implementation of display ads or email campaigns marketing to his clients.

In fact, a survey of Yelp to more than 900 small entrepreneurs reveals that 91% of businesses use any tool Digital Marketing (although it should be noted that respondents were all present in Yelp, indicating they may have greater experience “technological" than average).In any case, it is quite clear that those who bet on the Digital Marketing see results, as 85% of small business said he had helped Digital Marketing to grow your business.

Specifically, 71% believe that digital tools helped to attract new consumers, well above the 43% who also believes that they helped build a stronger relationship with existing customers, which may indicate that many small businesses they are not knowing how to use digital media for customer retention and get their loyalty. Other advantages are that it provides feedback from customers in real time (35%), which helps to grow the business efficiently (32%) or providing an effective and affordable way to manage elements of the business such as accounting.

As for the star tools among small businesses, stands, without a doubt, the dominant position of social networks, which use 3 in 4 respondents (especially Facebook).Sites reviews and SEM campaigns are also relatively common, with 48% of SMEs use each of these tools.

As we can see, digital tools have a lot of potential not just in advertising but more importantly in interacting and keeping your customers. It is expected that the numbers and statistics above will continue to grow as more entrepreneurs both new and seasoned businessmen will embrace social networking sites as a form of marketing.